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Sun Sep 13 00:09:40 EDT 1998

Dear all,

Reef Check will hold a Press Conference on 19 November to report the
preliminary results of the 1998 global survey, and coral bleaching and
mortality will be featured. Due to the early start this year, a number
of surveys occurred pre-bleaching so we are short of good visuals. 

We would like to request anyone with good video (15 min) or slides (2-3)
of bleached, dying or dead corals if they would be willing to share with
us, to please send us a copy. We will be happy to reimburse copying and
postage costs (if you arrange with us first). On the 19th we will have
at least 6 video monitors showing different parts of the world. We will
be happy to give full credit to the photographer/scientist in writing
beneath the video or print. We are particularly interested in images
showing mortality of very large colonies.

Thank you for your generosity.
Gregor Hodgson, PhD
Institute for Environment and Sustainable Development
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong
Reef Check:

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