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Vicki Nelson vicki at
Tue Sep 15 22:35:43 EDT 1998

Hi everyone,

I am just starting on a case study on destructive fishing (mostly dynamite)
and collection of corals for souvenirs in Cambodia. There is much bleating
about the seriousness of the problem here, but nobody seems to know the
exact extent of it, who's responsible, how much damage there is and so on.
I'm aiming to try to get some data on at least the levels of damage from
dynamite (without becoming damaged myself) and the turnover from the
souvenir trade. To put our findings into a global context, I would like to
request information about work people have been doing elsewhere, especially
references to literature. Before I get sat upon for asking other people to
do my library search, I should point out that there is no library here. I
have no access to literature or reports at all apart from what people are
kind enough to send me. Luckily next week I'm going to England and Scotland
for a couple of weeks and will hopefully have an opportunity to go to
bookshops and a library or two. If anyone can point me in the direction of
the Seminal Work(s) on destruction of reefs and its consequences, I can try
to get it/them myself. If anyone is altruistic enough to send me reprints,
reports or books I will be eternally grateful (so will the Cambodians -
they're chronically lacking in any kind of resource material). Web
addresses are also useful (its best if they're scientific or have
quantitative data).

Thanks very much,



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