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Dear Vicki,

On 9/16/98 you wrote.

>Hi everyone,
>I am just starting on a case study on destructive fishing (mostly dynamite)
>and collection of corals for souvenirs in Cambodia. There is much bleating
>about the seriousness of the problem here, but nobody seems to know the
>exact extent of it, who's responsible, how much damage there is and so on.
>I'm aiming to try to get some data on at least the levels of damage from
>dynamite (without becoming damaged myself) and the turnover from the
>souvenir trade. To put our findings into a global context, I would like to
>request information about work people have been doing elsewhere, especially
>references to literature. Before I get sat upon for asking other people to
>do my library search, I should point out that there is no library here. I
>have no access to literature or reports at all apart from what people are
>kind enough to send me. Luckily next week I'm going to England and Scotland
>for a couple of weeks and will hopefully have an opportunity to go to
>bookshops and a library or two. If anyone can point me in the direction of
>the Seminal Work(s) on destruction of reefs and its consequences, I can try
>to get it/them myself. If anyone is altruistic enough to send me reprints,
>reports or books I will be eternally grateful (so will the Cambodians -
>they're chronically lacking in any kind of resource material). Web
>addresses are also useful (its best if they're scientific or have
>quantitative data).
>Thanks very much,
>Dr Vicki Nelson
>Danida Coastal Zone Management Project
>PO Box 2298
>Phnom Penh 3
>email: vicki at

Check out the follow two references (they are both on the web) for a global perspective on destructive fishing practices.

Jameson SC, McManus JW, Spalding MD (1995) State of the Reefs:  Regional and Global 	Perspectives. International Coral Reef Initiative, US Dept of State, Washington, DC

Burke L, Bryant D, McManus J, Spalding M  (1998) Reefs at Risk:  A map-based indicator of potential threats to the world¹s coral reefs.  World Resources Institute, Washington DC.

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