Eastern pacific Parrotfish Bioerosion

Juan Manuel Jiménez jumajime at biologia.univalle.edu.co
Thu Sep 17 11:43:59 EDT 1998

Dear all,

my name is Juan Manuel Jiménez and I´m working in my BSc. thesis at the
Universidad del valle, Cali-colombia. My thesis is dealing with coral
reef bioerosion in the eastern pacific (Parrotfishes).

I have made an extensive search at my Universitiy library and by
internet on my thesis subject and have found a lot of references the
most recent are papers from Belwood an Bruggeman 1996, respectively.

1)I would like to know if any of you have more recent papers you could
send to me dealing with Parrotfish:

patterns of distribution on the reef
feeding ecology
interaction plant-herbivorous fishes

If you have any other material that could help me I would apreciate very

much to receive it.

2) Does any of you have the e-mail address of:

PJB Scott
Paul Sammarco
CW Stearn
PJ Vine
ME Hay

Thank you very much in advance for your help and time and I hope not to
botter any one.


Juan Manuel

Juan Manuel Jimenez
    Personal Address
Calle 1C # 66B100 Apto. 502B
El Refugio
Cali - Colombia
South America
jumajime at biologia.univalle.edu.co
Seccion de Biologia Marina
Departamento de Biologia
Universidad del Valle
A.A.: 25360

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