Marine Aquarium Conference of North America

Jonathan Lowrie jlowrie at
Mon Sep 21 16:06:39 EDT 1998

Sorry for the short notice, but I only recently joined this listserv.

The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America is THIS WEEKEND,
September 25 to September 27 in LOS ANGELES.

This is an 'advanced' level Marine Aquarium/Coral reef hobby conference,
but in recent years has had some excellent research on keeping corals,
etc.  So it may be of interest to many of you.  For more details, go to and look for MACNA X.

Below is a list of speakers and topics.

	Daniel Knop  "Some news about coral farming, giant clams and
lime reactors "

	Dieter Brockmann Coral Reef Aquaristics in Germany - Past,
Present and Future Prospects..

	Dr.Jean Jaubert- Natural approaches for the maintenance of
captive reefs: concepts, benefits and applications..

	Martin Moe "The Marine Aquarium: Past, Present, and Future"

	Dr. Walter Adey The linkage of calcification and photosynthesis
optimizes calcification in wild and model reefs.

	Allegra Small The Biodiversity of Coral Reefs: a comparison to
rain forests and aquaria.

	Dr. Bruce Carlson Reef Aquariums: Simulations of nature or just
fancy gardens?

	Charles Delbeek Once Rare and Still Rare Fish in the Marine
Hobby Trade: We're Not Talking Sashimi! 

	 Phil Shane and Paul Holthus Marine Fish, A very bright future

	Julian Sprung Reef Fishes of the past; the fossils of Bolca.

	Dr. Ken Yates The Aquarium Wave: When will it Crest ?

	Stanley Brown Captive Propagation: the tip of the Iceberg.

	 Dana Riddle and Andy Amussen"Lights! Color! Acropora!" -

	Dr. Jim Wolf Reef Science and the Trickle Down Theory

	Mike Paletta The History of Reefkeping from a Hobbyist's Point
of View

	John Dyer BANQUET SPEAKER - Marine Life in its
	                            Natural Enviroment

	Larry Jackson "Setting up a Berlin Style Reef"

	Dr. Timothy Hovanec Nitrification in Marine Aquaria -
	                    current status and future research

	 George Paleudis Captive Husbandry of the Lined Seahorse,
	                          Hippocampus erectus.

	Dr. Rob Hildreth Diseases of Marine Fishes with Emphasis on
	  Prevention and a Discussion on Head and Lateral Line Erosion

	Steve Tyree The recent history of keeping Reef Building Stony
	    Corals and New Filtration Methods Utilizing Live Sponges.

	 Albert Thiel Propagation of LPS corals by cutting

	 Jaime BaqueroFish Collection. Net caught fish, coral reefs
	       and somebody who has been forgotten.. the fisherfolk.

	 Jonathan Lowrie & Eric Borneman Chemical messengers of
	 the sea and how they relate to interspecies interaction in
terms of
	                          immunity and disease.

	Morgan Lidster, Bob Goemans, Leng Sy, Albert Thiel
	      Natural Filtration, Algal Turf Scrubbers, Natural Nitrate
	             Reduction, "MUD", and Mangrove Filtration

	Tom Frakes and Roy Herndon Aquacultured Live Rock

	 Bob Fenner Selection of appropriate Marine Life

	David BaskinFish; Field to Facility, " The Process "

	Dr. Marlin Atkinson Research at Biosphere 2

	Here is the Schedule:
	Thursday, Sept. 24, 1998

	12:00 Noon - Exhibitor Set-up

	3:00 PM - MASNA Delegates Meeting

	Friday, Sep. 25, 1998

	8:00 AM - AMDA Annual Meeting

	10:00 AM - Jim Wolf

	* 11:00 AM - Steve Tyree ( Main Session Room )

	* 11:00 AM - Bob Fenner ( Meeting Room )

	12:00 Noon - Stanley Brown

	1:00 PM - Tim Hovanec

	2:00 PM - Dr. Jean Jaubert

	* 3:00 PM - Larry Jackson ( Main Session Room )

	* 3:00 PM - George Paluedis ( Meeting Room )

	4:00 PM - Ken Yates

	5:00 PM - Daniel Knop

	6:00 PM - Jonathan Lowrie & Eric Borneman ( Main Session Room )

	6:00 PM - Morgan Lidster, Bob Goemans, Leng Sy, Albert Thiel and
	Adkinson ( Meeting Room )

	8:00 PM - On-Line Chat / Exhibitor Expo / Outdoor Social

	Saturday, Sept. 26, 1998

	9:00 AM - Mike Pellata

	10:00 AM - Phil Shane and Paul Holthus

	*11:00 AM - Allegra Small ( Main Session Room )

	*11:00 AM - Tom Frakes and Roy Herndon ( Meeting Room )

	12:00 PM Lunch Break

	1:00 PM - Bruce Carlson

	2:00 PM - Julian Sprung

	3:00 PM - Dana Riddle and Andy Amussen

	4:00 PM - Dieter Brockmann

	5:00 PM - Break

	5:00 PM - Western Marine Organization Meeting

	7:00 PM - MACNA X Banquet

	8:00 PM - MASNA Presentation

	8:30 PM - John Dyer

	9:15 PM - MASLA Mermaid Presentation

	Sunday, Sept. 27, 1998

	9:00 AM - Charles Delbeek

	10:00 AM - Rob Hildreth

	11:00 AM - Walter Adey

	12:00 PM - Lunch Break

	12:15 PM - WMO / MASNA Meeting

	1:00 PM - MACNA X Raffle

	2:00 PM - Martin Moe

	3:00 PM - Albert Thiel

	4:00 PM - Jaime Baquero

	5:00 PM - David Baskin

	[Jonathan Lowrie]  
	Hope to see some of you there 

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