coral blasting

Ruy Kenji Papa de Kikuchi kikuchi at
Tue Sep 22 07:48:43 EDT 1998

Dear coral-listers,

The problem of blast-fishing in reef areas is just one more example that
many, if not all, environmental problems are consequences in great part of
poverty, which international policies have contributed to worsen lately.

We inherited a way of living (or at least expect to have it) that is
inspired in the opulence of developed nations which we (third world) 
cannot afford and the underdeveloped
countries, most of them I guess, are trying to play a game
which roles are set for them to loose. The global market exists for those
who have much money to earn much more
and nothing more matters, and the last year's economic crisis shows us
this obvious thing.

This 'philosophical' paragraph was written only to say that sporadic and
restricted actions to specific environmental problems will not resolve
problems. Maybe we scientists must try to cross swords with economists
and win some battles before some environmental (thus social, and
vice-versa) problems will begin to be solved.

Just a last word. I'm not implying that the culprits are alien to the
underdeveloped countries people.

Ruy Kenji P. Kikuchi
Feira de Santana State University
kikuchi at

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