Artificial reefs References

Haryo Armono armono at
Tue Sep 22 12:03:30 EDT 1998

Dear Coral listers,
I'm writing my master thesis  about "Flow Field Modelling on the
Hemispherical Artificial Reefs using Finite Volume Methods." I need some
references (papers or textbook) for that.
What I've found are:

1. Frank M.D'itri,, 1986. "Artificial Reefs: Marine and Freshwater
Applications", Lewis Publishers, Inc.

2. L.M. Chou, 1997,"Artificial Reefs of Southeast Asia - Do they enhance
or degrade the marine environtment", Kluwer Academic Publishers

3. Alan T. White; Chou Loke Ming; M.W.R.N. de Silva; Flordeliz Y.
Guarin., 1990, "Artificial Reefs for Marine Habitat Enhancement in
Southeast Asia", Internationa Center for Living Aquatic Resources

4. Some papers from Journal of Waterways, Port Coastal and Ocean
Engineering, ASCE and Proceeding of International Conference of Coastal
Engineeering, on Numerical Modelling and Submerged Breakwater /
Artificial Reefs.

It would be helpful if someone could give me more textbook or
international journal related with artificial reefs for my references.

Thank you
Haryo D. Armono
Box 79 Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN)
St. John's, NF
Canada A1B 3X5

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