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Wed Sep 23 16:57:36 EDT 1998

Dear Coral List Subscribers
I was wondering if you would kindly help me with the following issue:
I am a marine biologist(M.Sc.) and would like to work on a specific
project regarding the environmental impacts and health (from ecological
point of view)of the coral reefs of the Persian Gulf(IRAN). I am trying
to get in touch with scientists and researchers who have worked on the
coral reefs of this region, or if they have any suggestions or
recommendations in this respect. I require this information concerning a
research proposal, as the economical and developmental (including
coastal tourism) activities is increasing in this region.
Therefore, I would like to establish a baseline in order not only to
increase public awarness but to help decision-makers to consider the
"issues" in their long-term plans.
I would be most grateful if you contact me at:

       Or Shokri_mr at

Thank you in advance.

Mohammad Reza Shokri

Iranian National Center For Oceanography
Living Resource Dep.
No:51, Bozorgmehr Ave., 14168 Tehran - Iran

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