coral bleaching

norbert schmidt at
Tue Sep 29 14:54:54 EDT 1998

Dear members,
 for publications I need to know extent and geographical destribution of 
bleached regions. Is the Red Sea effected ? Your cooperation is important 
and most appreciated.
I was for two months in Maldives. As you will be aware more than 90% of 
the archipelago´s corals are dead.Acroporae are gone completely with a 
few exceptions,no recovering at all. Porites seem to do well and largely 
get back to normal.As well anenemies are gaining colour again.
A personal note: I do not believe at all, this happened for the first 
time to Maldives. When I started diving there end of 70ies, the reefs all 
over looked very much same as now (=covered with algae), founding the 
Maldive´s reputation as top fish- but poor coral-area.We thought 
Acanthaster must have hit, but it looks now like an unrecognized 
bleaching event. 
Please infos on effected regions!
Thanking You
Norbert Schmidt

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