Insecticide on a Reef

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Mon Sep 28 09:23:50 EDT 1998


I am thinking of using an insectide to eliminate mesoherbivores from algal
biomass as part of a treatment looking at grazing rates. The planned
experiment will be conducted in situ on an algal-dominated coral reef and
away from any coral populations (>20m). The last thing I want to do is to
use an insecticide that could potentially cause damage to any other
organisms, other than those within the treatment, either by way of the
quantity of dose applied or via the longevity of the insecticide within the
water system. The planned procedure would be to squirt a minimal amount of a
suitable insecticide into a temporararily sealable bag/container
encapsulating ~20g of macroalgae of approximately 1.5L capacity for a period
of about 20 minutes before removal from the bag/container.

Perhaps I could have some 'positive' feedback as to what types of
insecticide could be applicable (as well as dose), and also to the general
procedure and morality of such an experiment.

Please reply directly to myself at c.edwards at and I will endeavour
to post a detailed reply at a later date.

Thank you.

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