Ship Groundings on Coral Reefs

Nicola Marchesi jonima at
Thu Sep 24 17:25:02 EDT 1998

Dear All,
I'm currently trying to collect all possible information on the
ecological, social, economic and legal implications of ship groundings
on coral reefs. I would be gratefull to anybody who could provide me
with usefull sources of information or with the contact details of
someone who is involved in research activities on the subject. Also,
where can I find some statistics on the occurrance of ship groundings
throughout the world ? 
Please send all replies to my personal e-mail address and I'll post a
resume of the information I received on the coral-list in due course.
Thank you in advance for all the help you will be able to give me.
Best Regards to all,
  NICOLA MARCHESI (Mr.)                 
  Marine Environmental Scientist             

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