Reef Encounter 25, Final Call for Contributions

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If you have news, comments, or short reviews that you would like to
submit to Reef Encounter, (Newsletter of the International Society
for Reef Studies) please email text to iclarm at by the
1st May. 

If you are interested in joining the International Society for Reef
Studies and receiving Reef Encounter please contact Richard Aronson
at raronson at


Maggie, Kristian and David


The aim of Reef Encounter is to provide a magazine-style newsletter
on any aspect of reefs, the livelier the better.  In addition to
news, meeting and expedition reports and announcements, we aim to
have discussions and debates about particular issues concerning ISRS
or the broader field of reef science in general.  Reef Encounter does
not publish original scientific data, so please do not submit such
papers.  The newsletter aims to complement the journal which carries
scientific papers, in that it provides an outlet for book reviews,
discussion of issues of general interest and a correspondence column
(Upwellings).  It also carries short reviews of recent trends and
developments in reef research or events that bear on reef studies. 

Please note that Reef Encounter is an entirely voluntary effort.  We
do not have funds to pay authors, and the editors are also unpaid. 
Please help ISRS by submitting material on a regular basis and in a
form that does not require too much editing.

To save time and postage, we shall not normally acknowledge submitted
material except by email and material will not normally be refereed
or returned for
corrections.  Opinions expressed and errors of fact will have to
remain largely the authors' responsibility.  No published item should
be taken as ISRS opinion unless indicated.

Please help by sending items of not more than 2,000 words in length
using double-spaced typescript, or preferably by e-mail, or diskette
using Word or DOS-Text and in an IBM compatible format.  You can
expect some
gentle editing for flow and sense and to address our readership as
appropriately as possible.  Illustrations should be of a size
compatible with our format.  Black line drawings are preferable.  We
welcome cartoons and drawings. Diagrams should have legends and/or
captions to explain all symbols, abbreviations and shading patterns
etc.  Maps should have a scale and indication of orientation.  Use
World List abbreviations in references.  Please use metric, or
imperial-with-metric units, but not imperial units on their own.  Do
not forget to give your name and full address, or any other contact
address where applicable.

We have no regular reprint system, but contributors will receive a
free copy of the relevant issue.

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