reef survey at Sombrero

Trish of Serendipity Adventures ecosail at
Thu Apr 22 20:10:32 EDT 1999

 Sombrero Island close to Anguilla is touted to have a rocket launching site put on it by Beal Aerospace of Texas.  The EA done for Beal is quite defective and  comments or summary of the EA done by Clive Petrovic  in The BVI are available to anyone interested.  The EA took liitle to no account of the surrounding waters/reefs of Sombrero.   ARK,  The Association of Reef Keepers in the BVI  is seeking funding or a boat to take a group of divers there to do a rapid assesment of the  reefs.  Anyone who knows where we can find the funding or the boat please contact me - Trish Baily  ecosail at
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