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Alizarin Red is a vital stain so it will only stain by biological uptake.  
Your non-living plates should remain unstained, but corals should incorporate 
it into their skeletons.  Also, if you have crustose corallines algae, they 
will incorporate the stain into their skeletons as well.

My major concern would be finding the small amount of stain in the small 
skeleton of the spat.  However, the technique should work.


Date: 4/26/99 11:37
To: Mark Eakin
From: Laurie Jeanne Raymundo
Hi, Coral-List:

I need to ask for some advise about staining coral spat.  I will be looking
at settlement this summer and am trying to figure out a way to stain spat
so they are easier to census.  I won't have to worry about keeping them
alive, but the settlement plates I use are CaCO3, so, I want something that
the colonies will absorb, but not the plates.  Would Alizarin Red be okay
for this?  Has anybody tried anything like this that has worked?



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