Bleaching Archives updated, NOAA/AOML coral at
Thu Apr 29 09:30:08 EDT 1999


	I'm afraid I've been a little remiss on this, but the coral
bleaching archives located on the CHAMP Web Page (, go
to Archives, Coral Bleaching) have been updated.  Only those reports
posted to coral-list during October and November, 1998 have been added.
As a reminder, the format of the files is bYYMMDD.dat, so that a file name


would be a report sent out on November 17, 1998.  Note that this does not
mean bleaching occurred on that date, this just means this is when the
report was distributed.

	If you have any updates to the coral bleaching archives since that
time, we would all greatly appreciate it if you could bring them to our
attention and post them to coral-list at your earliest convenience.  There
are several researchers who are working assiduously to update their
databases via this listing, and it would be of great benefit to them, as
well as informative to us all.

	Thank you so much for your time and gracious help.

	Sincerely yours,

	Jim Hendee
	CHAMP Admin

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