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Mon Feb 1 12:55:44 EST 1999


        For those of you who have a need for meteorlogical (NDBC/C-MAN)
and oceanographic data collected under the SEAKEYS (FIO, NOAA/SFERPM)
Program in the Florida Keys, there is now available a data server for
selected queries.  Please be advised that these data are raw and have not
been quality controlled. Also, more recently added data parameters (e.g.,
fluorometry, transmissometry) and data values for some stations are not
available at this time. However, the database will be updated in the

	The database is updated every morning at around 0915 hrs EST.

SEAKEYS Data Server

SEAKEYS Daily Data

Overview of the SEAKEYS Program


If you have any questions conerning the database, please direct them to me
at jim.hendee at  If you have any questions concerning the SEAKEYS
Program, please see the "Overview of the SEAKEYS Program" link mentioned

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