Jellyfish Lake- Palau

Haskell, Ben bhaskell at
Tue Feb 2 12:14:45 EST 1999

I'm forwarding this message (rec'd in Jan. 99) from Dr. Pat Colin:

"Besides the terrible coral bleaching we experienced, the population of the large Mastigias jellyfish in the lake where the tourists go has crashed! The sunworshipping jellyfish of jellyfish lake are gone. Seems the big drought we had last year has caused the water there to be too warm and too saline for the young jellyfish to survive.  Things are slowly moving back to normal, but it may be some time before the jellyfish come back, maybe as much as six months to a year.  It is insane how much things have been affected here by the climate chaos.  Palau is certainly not isolated from what's affecting the rest of the world.  All for now, cheers, Pat"

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