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Fri Feb 12 02:47:34 EST 1999

Anyone care to help this young lady, I have already suggested she needs to
reword her hypothesis as it is not the number of reefs that is decreasing,
but their health.

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Subject: Re:coral

To whom it may concern:
     I am a thirteen-year-old eighth grade student at Green Brook Middle
School in New Jersey.  I am in a special class called ROGATE, in which I am
researching coral reefs.  I obtained your name from an online coral
researchers directory.
     My hypothesis is: The number of coral reefs in the world has decreased
dramatically due to coral bleaching and increasing population.  Do you agree
with this statement?  Please send me your opinion, any information,
photographs, or brochures that you have to support your findings by February
20th.  I would appreciate it if you would write to me at the following address
or e-mail me at LAS00013 at  Thank you very much!


Laura Snowden
Laura Snowden
6 Green Valley Dr.
Green Brook, NJ 08812

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