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Dyoulgerov, Milen mdyoulgerov at
Tue Feb 23 09:20:48 EST 1999

Dear Coral List Members,

I am writing to request information on ship groundings and/or ship =
anchorings that have damaged coral reefs anywhere in the world. I am =
requesting this information as justification for a proposal to uniformly =
depict coral reefs, and possibly marine protected areas, on navigational =

My office, the International Program Office of the National Ocean Service =
of NOAA, is preparing a proposal to the International Hydrographic =
Organization for the adoption of a specification requiring uniform =
mandatory depiction of coral reefs and, possibly marine protected areas. =
In order to build a large support base for the proposal we hope to be =
able to present as many examples as possible from the Caribbean region =
(outside of the US) of coral reef damage due to ship groundings/salvage =
and ship anchoring. Examples from other parts of the world will also be =
most helpful.

The basic data that we need is some or all of the following:
- place/time of the incidents,
- name/size of the ship (if available),
- area/extend of the damage (anecdotal or, even better, environmental and =
economic assessment), and
- remarks on the causes of the incidents.
At the end of this message I am attaching an example of data on ship =
anchoring that we have obtained for the U.S. I will be very grateful for =
whatever elements of similar data that you can forward to me.

Thank you very much for your assistance,

Milen Dyoulgerov
Marine Affairs Specialist
International Program Office
National Ocean Service
Year	   Vessel	Type		        Anchoring Site		Remarks

1994	   MANA	Panamanian    West FG Bank	Reef or protected area
			Freighter	      nodule terrace	not indicated on chart

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