Certification for Aquarium Industry: Internet Mtg

Paul Holthus paul.holthus at aquariumcouncil.org
Tue Feb 23 20:56:58 EST 1999

Subject: MAC-MASNA Internet Meeting on Certification for the Aquarium Industry

Dear Coral List;

The Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) and the Marine Aquarium Societies of
North America (MASNA) would like to invite you to participate in an
Internet "Town Meeting" on certification for the marine aquarium industry.
This will be held on Wednesday, 24 February 1998 beginning at 7:00 PM US
Central Time. 

By way of background: Marine aquarium hobbyists are, of course, the driving
force behind the marine aquarium industry and thus a key constituency in
the MAC efforts to develop certification and labeling.  MASNA is the
umbrella organization for the aquarium hobbyist clubs in North America,
which is the largest market for marine aquarium organisms. MASNA is on the
Interim MAC Board of Directors and Dennis Gallagher, recent past president
of MASNA, is their representative.

MAC held a multi-stakeholders workshop on the development of certification
and labeling in the Philippines in December 1998.  Dennis participated in
the workshop and made a presentation on the aquarium hobbyist's
perspective. This was Dennis' first trip to the Philippines and he was able
to visit a collecting area as well as several export facilities.

MASNA has quickly become significantly involved in getting the word out
about MAC to hobbyists. Dennis posted an article on his Philippine's trip
on the MASNA site (www.masna.org) that generated considerable discussion
amongst hobbyists.  In order to respond to the interest and questions
arising amongst the hobbyists, MASNA and Dennis have organized an Internet
"Town Meeting" chat on MAC and certification.  

In keeping with the MAC transparent multi-stakeholder approach, we have a
wide range of stakeholder input and perspectives available to the hobbyists
at the "Town Meeting". A list of the proposed panelists and "perspective"
areas for each is presented below. (Some may not be able to participate due
to technical difficulties in connecting.)

If you are interested in sitting in on the meeting, please take the time to
visit the MAC website (www.aquariumcouncil.org) to ensure that you are
familiar with the background to MAC and certification and visit the MASNA
website (www.masna.org) to read Dennis' Philippines Trip Report.  The
announcement for the "Town Meeting" at www.masna.org will guide you to
instructions for participating in the meeting. 

Please keep in mind that the objective of the Town Meeting is to generate
awareness and understanding among the hobbyists of the difference
perspectives on improving the quality and sustainability of the marine
aquarium industry through certification and labeling.

With best regards,

Paul Holthus
Director, MAC


Time: Wednesday, 24 February 1998; beginning at 7:00 PM US Central Time.

Objective: Generate awareness and understanding among the hobbyists of the
difference perspectives on improving the quality and sustainability of the
marine aquarium industry through certification and labeling.

Panel Topic: Developing Certification and Labeling for the Marine Aquarium
Trade: Perspectives from the Industry and other Stakeholders

Moderator: Dennis Gallagher, 1997-8 President, MASNA

Proposed Panel:

Paul Holthus, MAC: Standards, certification, and labeling
Vaughan Pratt, Int'l Marinelife Alliance: Philippine collector's perspective
Pete Basabe, Dive Hawaii: Hawaii collector's perspective
Jaime Baquero, Ocean Voice Int'l: Community level perspective
Lolita Ty, Aquascapes/Phil. Tropical Fish Export Ass'n: Philippine
exporter's perspective
Antonio (Toti) Turalba, Asian Marine Resource: Philippine exporter's
Phil Shane, Quality Marine: Importer/wholesaler's perspective
Rick Oellers, Amer. Marinelife Dealers Ass'n: Retailer's perspective
Charles Delbeek, Waikiki Aquarium: Public aquarium's perspective
Mon Romero, World Wildlife Fund Philippines: Conservation organization's
Marea Hatziolos, World Bank: International institution's perspective

Paul Holthus
Executive Director
Marine Aquarium Council
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