Virus file: Happy99.exe

Osha Gray Davidson osha at
Sun Feb 28 08:25:24 EST 1999

An attached file called Happy99.exe was just sent to this list. I'm pretty
sure it contains a computer virus. A like-named file was just received on
another list and infected some computers. The file Happy99.exe is a
program. As I understand it, no harm is done unless you open (or run) the
program itself. Deleting the file itself (not simply the E-mail message it
rode in on) gets rid of the problem.

The file came on a message from "CORALations" bearing the subject line:
"RE: Acropora spp., endangered," dated 2/28/99. Please note that this
information is just to help you find the virus-bearing file and not to
place blame on CORALations, who, I'm sure, didn't know this file containted
a virus.


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