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Reef Relief now has available the results of the June 1998 Cuba
Expedition by Craig Quirolo, Director of Marine Projects.  Reef Relief
has entered into an agreement with the Cuban Institute of Oceanography
to survey the coral reefs of Cuba over a five year period.  In June,
1998, Craig and DeeVon Quirolo sailed the entire length of the
Archipelago de los Colorados to survey the adjacent coral reefs.  These
reefs, located on the northwest coast of Cuba, are known as the Arecifes
los Colorados.

This multi-media package  includes a 62-page report containing the slide
images, notes from the log of the Stormy Weather and various charts
depicting the course of the expedition, as well as 7 CD ROM's containing
slide images in high resolution (approximately 36 thirty-five millimeter
slides were taken at each video transect site), and 5 video tapes
containing 8  sixty meter transects with indexed time counts of the
coral reefs surveyed.

This is the first survey of these coral reefs in the past eight years,
according to scientists at the Cuban Institute of Oceanography.  It is
now available for coral reef researchers to use unconditionally for any
studies you may be interested in.

Cost of complete multi-media report is $300.00 payable to Reef Relief.
62-page color report only is $75.00
7 CD ROMs of slide images only is $175.00
5 VHS tapes of video transects only is $75.00

For more information or to order the 1998 Reef Relief Cuba Expedition
Report, contact Reef Relief at reef at or call (305)
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