Sustainable Coral Farming/Harvesting?

Jose D. Carriquiry jdcarriq at
Thu Jan 21 16:47:05 EST 1999

        I recently subscribed to this list, and realized that I probably
missed a big part of the initial comments on coral farming/harvesting.
Obviously that coral harvesting/farming can not only be important for
Commercial trade matters, but also for the potential use of the applied
techniques for restoration of damaged reefs as well as for the sustainable
use of these ecosystems (while commercially exploiting) by the people that
make their living from the reef. My question is, are there somewhere Coral
Farms that actually harvest new recruits (not coral-branch clippings) on
artificial surfaces that, apart from participating in the commercial trade
of corals, they also participate in the promotion of the sustainable use of
coral reefs? Visiting coral farms like these would be of great value for all
those who are interested in learning and promoting the conservation and good
use of these
ecosystems. Do these farms exist? Is there a farm out there that any one of you
would recommend visiting? or are these places "restricted access business" that
do not allow visitors?. For example, although salmon farming in North
America has become somewhat controversial, most salmon farmers allow
visitors into their farms so they can see by themselves the pros and
cons of these commercial aquacultural centers (they actually have web-sites
available for letting us see what and how they do it).
        Your response will be greatly acknowledged

José Carriquiry

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