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Delbeek, J.C., and J. Sprung.  1997.  The Reef Aquarium, Vol. 1.  Ricordia
  Publishing, Inc., Coconut Grove, Florida.  

General quick guidelines:  ph, calcium and alkalinity must be strictly
monitored and maintained; "proper" lighting is critical; "adequate" water
motion is also critical for many species.  These factors are often
neglected by new aquarists when in fact they should be foremost.  Then
there is temperature, salinity, nutrients, pathogens, predators, and a
variety of other factors to track.

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> Tangential to the ongoing discussion, I would be grateful if anyone can
> recommend any good reference material giving guidance for keeping (Indian
> Ocean) corals in aquaria, esp. advice on hardy spp. and feeding. I had such
> a request from a public aquarium in this region which seems to have an
> unnecessarily high turnover of coral inmates so any advice would be both
> appreciated and live-saving. Thanks very much.
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