Some Papers on Sustainable Harvest of Corals

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Sun Jan 24 22:49:24 EST 1999

M. Ross 1984. A quantitative study of the stony coral fishery in Cebu,
Philippines. Mar. Ecol. 5(1):75-91

R. Grigg 1984. Resource management of precious corals: a review and
application to shallow reef-building corals. Mar. Ecol. 5(1)57-74

Wells et al., 1994. Environmental Guidelines for Reef Coral Harvesting
Operations. South Pacific Regional Environmental Program. PO Box 240,
Apia W. Samoa.

Hodgson, G. 1997. Resource use: conflicts and management solutions,
Chapter 17 In: C. Birkeland (ed) Life and Death of Coral Reefs, Chapman
Hall, NY.
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