Coral Reef rebuilding

Fabrice POIRAUD-LAMBERT fpl10 at
Wed Jan 27 16:24:02 EST 1999

Hi All,

We often hear about Bleaching, and coral sickness, and as a result, many
coral reefs are dying or already dead.

By being a Reef Aquarist, meaning that I own and raise coral (about 60
species, 80% stony small polyped corals) in my tank at home, in the middle
of a big town, I produce (not on purpose !) many many fragments that I give
to friends or people asking for it.

As we are now able to raise corals (about 1 to 2 cm per month for Acropora
sp for example) even without having space and money, is it crazy to think
that we could set up special farms, near coral reefs, with the double
purpose of : raising frags to earn money, and then use this money to
rebuild coral reefs by reintroducing corals.

I have heard some things about ideas like this, but it sounds to be very rare.

Are there laws against this ? Do Scientists study this possibility ?

What are the cons & pros ?

Thanks for your replies
Best Regards
France - Paris

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