Coral Reef rebuilding

Dave gannet at
Thu Jan 28 20:56:07 EST 1999

> As we are now able to raise corals (about 1 to 2 cm per month for Acropora
> sp for example) even without having space and money, is it crazy to think
> that we could set up special farms, near coral reefs, with the double
> purpose of : raising frags to earn money, and then use this money to
> rebuild coral reefs by reintroducing corals.

This is being done now in the Solomon Islands.  Solutions like this that 
involve the local population and generate income for their communities are, in 
my opinion, one of the best ways to ensure survival of reefs.  When local 
people have a sense of "ownership" of the reefs, and see the health and 
survival of the reefs as essential to their own well-being, then they will be 
proactive in protecting them.  Without this, any developer waving money will be 
given free rein - and we all know where that leads.

There are also a number of commercial coral aquaculture operations in the 
United States.  This is exciting and laudable, and shows how far we have come 
in understanding the husbandry needs of corals.  I would point out, in passing, 
that the vast majority of the knowledge needed to accomplish this was gathered 
by amateur reef aquarists, not professionals.  But, I think it would be even 
better if we could encourage these operations in the countries bordering the 
natural reefs, for the reasons stated above.

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