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Osha Gray Davidson osha at
Thu Jul 1 07:14:27 EDT 1999

Dear Listers--
The US Congress is now considering funding bills for NOAA. For those
interested in the funding of NOAA's coral reef (and National Marine
Sanctuary) programs, here are a couple of URLs.

The first is on NOAA's site and has yesterday's testimony (June 30) by
Sally Yozell, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere, before
the Subcommittee on Oceans and Fisheries, Committee on Commerce, Science
and Transportation, US Sentate:

The second site is hosted by the Senate committee and includes links to the
testimonies of a few of those who testified on this topic yesterday.

The complete panel included:
Ms. C. Renee Cooper, Executive Director, Caribbean Marine Research Center
Dr. Cynthia Hunter, Curator, Waikiki Aquarium 
Dr. Phillip Dustan, Science Advisor, the Cousteau Society 
Mr. Michael Collins, Fishing guide, Islamorada, Florida 
Dr. Michael Connor, Vice President for Programs and Exhibits, New England 
	Aquarium, Central Wharf, Boston

If anyone has information on how these important bills are faring, could
you please share that information with the list? Thanks.


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