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Sat Jul 3 11:05:24 EDT 1999

Saludos Coraleros,

answering an inquiry by Dr. John Ware, I would like to distribute to all of you name and 
address of the director of the new Institute for Tropical Marine Ecology (ITME) on 

Dr. Sascha C.C. Steiner,  ITME,  Worcester,  NY 12197-0430,  USA
Phone/Fax :   (607) 397 9796
e-mail :   <sccs at>
web :

If you are looking for a terrific new marine lab in an unspoiled environment - this is it !!
Arnfried Antonius
Dr. Arnfried J. ANTONIUS               phone: 0043-1-31336-9734
Institute of Palaeontology             fax: 0043-1-31336-784
University of Vienna
Althanstr. 14
A-1090 WIEN                        e-mail: arnfried.antonius at

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