Computers for the field

James Wiseman james at
Wed Jul 7 15:44:56 EDT 1999

Hi Coral-listers,

I use computers part of my job.  If you are interested in the
Toughbooks mentioned below, have a look at this month's Pen Computing
magazine.  Two different Toughbooks were of which is "water
resistant."  According to the reviewer, it does work in heavy rain, and is
also designed for use w/ work gloves, so work w/ neoprene gloves is probably

James Wiseman
Winmar Consulting 
Houston TX

> ads for the Panasonic Toughbook series of laptops. These are shown in
> rain and other harsh conditions and are packaged in a 
> magnesium case. I
> personally cannot attest for the durability or reliability of these
> computers but the retail price on the CF-27 was suggested to be $7500,
> and the CF-25 to be $3000.

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