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Thu Jul 8 12:33:19 EDT 1999

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<< I just wanted to say thanks to all those who gave me suggestions and 
helpful hints to improving my underwater photography.  I really appreciate 
it. >>

While I certainly appreciate the non-cluttering of this list at times, there 
are also times when I (and I imagine others) would greatly benefit from some 
of the private responses to questions.  This is without question one of those 
times for me.  

Reia, I don't know how others would feel, but I would certainly like to hear 
about some of these suggestions made, in summary, privately, or publicly on 
the list.  Despite some 20 years of photographing, there is still nothing 
more annoying than trying to document something to find the shot is not 
worthy of use.  I find this especially true today with the increasing 
sediment loading on many reefs. It is becoming very difficult for this 
amateur photographer to avoid backscatter from particulate matter even when 
shooting at fairly close range.  The photos I took from the Florida reef 
tract after the NCRI conference were absolutely abysmal.  I am going on a 
research dive in St. Croix next week and am almost dreading the results.  I 
thought at one time I could take some decent shots, but year after year they 
seem to get worse as the visibility on reefs and the water clarity/color has 
changed so dramatically in many locations.

Eric Borneman

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