Marine Ornamentals Conference

Bruce Carlson carlson at
Fri Jul 23 23:42:46 EDT 1999

I would like to remind you of the Marine Ornamentals 99 Conference being
held in Kona, Hawaii on the 16th to 19th November 1999. Plans are now well
underway and there are only a few weeks left in which to take advantage of
the early registration discount. And for those of you that might want to
present a paper - either orally or as a poster - the deadline for
abstracts (July 31) is rapidly approaching.

The meeting is designed to bring together in one venue those interested in
the Collecting, Culture and
Conservation of marine ornamental species including fishes, corals, live
rock, as well as those that
are worrying about the regulatory regime in which these species are
traded, transported and marketed. Thus there is an opportunity for
everyone from researchers, to businessmen, to hobbyists to participate and
contribute to the meeting.

For details of the meeting, registration forms, etc. See

Bruce Carlson
Waikiki Aquarium

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