coelenterate sensory systems (fwd)

Heidi L. Crevison crevison at
Tue Jun 1 14:53:40 EDT 1999

> In response to Jeremy's comment, I hate to see coral-list degenerate to
> answering basic questions that are so fundamental to basic training that
> they indicate that whomever asked them hasn't bothered to do any
> background reading before undertaking a research project.  Is this
> indicative of the level of training of young 'scientists' hese days?
> Anyone that plans to do research on corals should have read through
> Libby Hyman's works, Chapman, and all sorts of "old" 1960's papers and
> chapters.  Doesn't anyone know how to use a library anymore?
> Alina Szmant

Regardless of whether or not graduate students can use the library, the
only stupid question is that which goes unasked.  The individuals that are
on this list are some of the best resources for those getting started in
coral reef biology.  A simple suggestion as to where to look for this
information would have sufficed.

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