Re Impact of explosives on coral fish

Brice Quenoville quenovib at
Sat Jun 5 19:15:21 EDT 1999


I've been on the list for bit more that 1 year, and I guess I'd not 
be far from the truth if I say that questions about the impact of
explosives on fish and about adequate materials for artificial reef
have been already asked and fully replied at least 5 times each.
Personnaly I don't mind to see these questions showing up again and
again as I'm not a specialist and thus I don't reply, but specialists
may be tired to reply and this would explain the 0 answer about
explosives. Check out the following which is part of the coral list
welcome message.

3) Please conduct as much preliminary research into a topic
	as possible before posting a query to the list. (In 
	other words, you shouldn't expect others to do your
	research for you.) Please consider:

	o  Your librarian (an extremely valuable resource)
	o  The CHAMP Literature Abstracts area at the CHAMP Web:
	o  The CHAMP Online Researcher's Directory
		(i.e., search for your topic, ask the
		experts directly)
	o  The CHAMP (and other) Web sites' links page(s)

  But please *do* avail yourself of the list when you've exhausted
	other sources.

The Coral-list as well as the FISH-SCI list archives have certainly
all what you're looking for.
Happy search, no hard feelings, I was just killing time between two
experiments and I try to stop smoking!

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