Salinity of 43ppm

Pdipal dipal at
Fri Jun 11 06:34:49 EDT 1999

I am working on the caribbean coast of Nicaragua where there are some patch
reefs. During the months march through may the salinity 0.5m under the
water surface rose untill 43 ppm. In this period the sun is hot, calm
weather and there is no rain falling. The prevailing current is from the
north and the prevailing wind from the northeast.The depth is around 15-20 m.

During the rainy sesason it is likely that water from the big rivers eix
with the blue water around the keys but i doubt that during the dry season
this happens, moreover the highest salinities found in the rivermounths
don't reach more then 38ppm.

I was wondering if anybody else has found such incredible high salinity
levels and would it be possible that this phenomenon negatively affects the
corals. (they already are under a lot of sedimentation stress with a
horizontal visibility between 3 and 9 meters). 

thank you for your thoughts


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