Closing coral-list to new subscribers

coral-list-admin jch at
Tue Jun 15 12:17:39 EDT 1999

Greetings, Coral-Listers!

	Coral-list and coral-list-digest at this time have a combined
subscribership of about 1,170.  I'm afraid the list will have to be closed
to new subscribers until further notice, *except* by recommendation from
existing members.  Unfortunately, there are many bounced messages that you
don't see that bog down administration of the list (e.g., "forgot how to
unsubscribe", people not on the list trying to post messages, people
forget to unsubscribe under their old name, etc.).  If we get personnel
help in the future, things will change back to the way they were (unless
everybody likes it the new way).

	Only existing coral-list and coral-list-digest members will be
able to post to the list.  Please remember that this is primarily a
listserver for professional coral researchers and environmental managers
who have some education and experience in coral biology and/or coral reef
sanctuary management.

	If you are an instructor and you wish for your whole class (or
selected students) to be subscribed, you can send me a list of their
names, if you think they will use the list properly.  If you wish to do
this, I would appreciate it if you remind them to read the Welcome Message

	Thank you for your help and support.

	Jim Hendee
	coral-list administrator

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