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Bruce Carlson carlson at
Fri Jun 18 17:17:28 EDT 1999

For those of you who were following the growth of the corals on the live =
camera on our web site, the coral has outgrown the picture so we will be =
replacing it with a different species.  Between April 5 and today (June =
18) the Montipora digitata grew 27 mm in height and now completely =
covers the metric ruler placed in the picture.  That represents 27mm / =
74 days =3D 0.36 mm/day or 13.32 cm on an annual basis.

We may try a larger-polyped coral, e.g., Caulastrea furcata when we =
re-set up the project later this month or in July.

Bruce Carlson
Waikiki Aquarium

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