Panama ref list offered

Gert Jan Gast GJ.Gast at
Mon Mar 1 20:49:28 EST 1999

Hi all,

I have (on request) typed all the references of the Panama
Proceedings into an EndNotePlus (W98, version 3.0) and figured
that as this isn't all that interesting an activity, I'd spare you the
trouble: drop me a mail and I'll send the file as attachment. Also
available are Text (.txt) and RichText (.rtf) copies with one field
(author, year, title, etc) per line for people who want to try to import
it into other literature programs.

Mac users with EndNote should be able to import this file. I'll try
BinHex encoding.

Jim Hendee and Gina Morisseau-Leroy have posted the text file on
the NOAA CHAMP homepage:

I checked the refs, but there are certainly still some errors. Please
let me know if you find any. I will collect those and send errata.

Could the organisers of future symposia, meetings, etc. consider to place
the proceeding refs on a web page in format of most commonly used
bibliography programs? That would be very nice!

Good luck, GJ

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