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NOAA's CHAMP coral at
Wed Mar 3 09:55:04 EST 1999

My mistake--there are apparently about 425 articles ranging from 1980
through 1998 on the new literature server.  We hope to update this in the
future, depending on how things progress.


From: NOAA's Coral Health and Monitoring Program <coral at>
To: coral-list
Subject: New CHAMP Literature Update!

I am very happy to announce that our NOAA/AOML Librarian, Linda Pikula
(pikula at, has painstakingly, and at no minor cost, compiled
an extensive list of literature references pertaining to coral health and
monitoring from 1996 through most of 1998.  At this time we have the
literature citations only, but hope to have abstracts soon.

At the CHAMP Home Page (, click on "Literature" then on
"New CHAMP Literature Server" to search the database.  I'm afraid this
database is on a very old PC server (in fact, the computer that ran the
original 1992 "CoralFax" service, the precursor to the CHAMP Program), so
your search may run a little slow. We're hoping to be able to obtain a
more up-to-date and powerful server in the future.

If you have submitted abstracts to us before, please be patient.  We will
update the database as soon as we can.  I'm afraid we're a little

We hope you are able to use this new source of knowledge in your coral
reef work.  THANKS, Linda, for a job super well-done!


	Jim Hendee
	CHAMP Administrator

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