Landsat images: FAQ and more details

Serge Andrefouet serge at
Wed Mar 3 16:56:07 EST 1999

Hello everybody,

May be the first message for Landsat LTAP project was not so clear because
many people are asking for the same precisions. 

First, 35 reefs sites were recently added to the list, but they are not
assigned already to specific reefs. The 35 reefs will be finally selected
according to your requests. For the moment, they just appear as "reef" in
the list.

Second, some of your sites may be already in a coastal area which appear
elsewhere in the list, which is sorted by Country. For example: for France,
 the LTAP list include 8 images for New-Caledonia. These images may include
reef areas. When we receive your request, we chek if the location of your
site is not already included in the LTAP list, as a coastal area. If yes,
we do not add your site to the 35 specific reef sites but we put a "reef
flag" to try to increase the priority of this coastal area. If not, we add
your site to the potential 35 specific reef sites.

Third: for United States reefs (Hawaii, Florida Keys, Puerto Rico,...):
most of them are already included in the LTAP list because USA is
completely covered by LTAP, and USA has the highest priority. Anyway,
signal us your reefs, because inside USA, reefs have low priority. 

Four: Ideally, all the sites of the LTAP list will be covered at least one
time a year, whatever their priority.

I apologize if I do not answer individually to each message. I do if
necessary, but I rather try to give precisions that can be useful for
everybody directly on the coral-list.


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