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Thu Mar 4 10:10:01 EST 1999

> SORRY ABOUT HAPPY 99.....Did not know I had it or I was sending it...
> I followed these instructions to remove it....
> Thought I better not send it as an attachment!
> Mary Ann
> Read anything  - execute NOTHING!!  This is the key.  If the file has
> Here are the guts for Happy
> This virus is attached to newsgroup and e-mail messages as an
> attachment called Happy99.exe. You cannot get infected with this virus
> just by reading a newsgroup or e-mail message. You have to execute the
> attachment. Almost always, the person who sent it does not know that they
> are sending it out. It does not show up in their Outbox. If you didn't
> execute the attachment, you can just delete it and move on. If you
> execute an infected attachment, it will display a firework display.  It
> will create two files in the Windows System folder, SKA.EXE and SKA.DLL.
> SKA.EXE will be a copy of HAPPY99.EXE. It will copy the original
> WSOCK32.DLL to WSOCK32.SKA. Then it will modify WSOCK32.DLL without
> changing its size so it will try to run SKA.DLL while posting to Usenet
> and sending E-Mail. The SKA.DLL file will silently attach HAPPY99.EXE to
> a second copy of outgoing newsgroup and e-mail messages with a barely
> noticable delay. This second copy will have the same subject and
> recipient, but it will have an empty body. The outgoing message will
> contain the header
> X-Spanska: Yes but this is normally not visible.
> It does not modify any other file besides WSOCK32.DLL. WSOCK32.DLL is a
> regular part of Windows that provides a connnection to the Internet.
> If it is unable to modify WSOCK32.DLL, then it will add SKA.EXE to the
> RunOnce section of the registry and WSOCK32.DLL will be modified next
> time the computer starts. It will still create WSOCK32.SKA even if it is
> unable to modify WSOCK32.DLL. This virus will keep a list of message
> recipients in the file LISTE.SKA in the Windows System folder.
> It will try not to send the Happy99.exe file twice to the same person.
> This virus does not steal passwords, as some sources have reported. It
> does not contain any payload other than the fireworks display. However,
> it could overload an e-mail server if a lot of copies get passed around. 
> Also, since it gets passed along a lot, a different virus could attach
> to HAPPY99.EXE somewhere along the way. Without SKA.DLL and SKA.EXE, the
> modified WSOCK32.DLL cannot perform any viral action.
> However using a modified WSOCK32.DLL could cause problems while on the
> Internet. The most common problem that has been reported is invalid page
> faults, but these can have other causes. Restoring the original
> WSOCK32.DLL will correct these problems.
> This virus does not affect Macs, DOS, Windows 3.x, OS/2, Linux or
> WebTV. However, someone using one of those could pass it along
> manually, for example by forwarding the message. Under Windows NT it will
> create SKA.EXE, SKA.DLL, and WSOCK32.SKA but will fail to add itself to
> the registry or modify WSOCK32.DLL. If you have NT, you don't have to
> follow the removal steps; you can simply delete SKA.DLL and SKA.EXE from
> inside Windows NT if you would like.
> Some people have asked whether it is always called HAPPY99.EXE. This
> virus doesn't contain any code to change the name. However, it would be
> simple for a person to change it to anything they like.
> It contains the encrypted text: "Is it a virus, a worm, a trojan?
> MOUT-MOUT Hybrid (c) Spanska 1999."
> Spanska is the alias of a virus writer who has written several other
> viruses.
> Removal ;
> Steps marked optional are not absolutely necessary and are completely
> safe to skip. If you're not comfortable with DOS, get someone
> knowledgable to help you with this. These steps should be safe, even
> under unexpected circumstances, but I can't make guarantees. Perform
> these at your own risk. If you have Windows NT, you don't have to follow
> the removal steps.
>  1.Click Start, then Shut Down, then "Restart Computer in MS-DOS
>    mode", then click Yes. It's important to exit Windows in order to be
>    able to replace the file WSOCK32.DLL which Windows normally has in
> use.
>  2.At the DOS prompt type this exactly and press enter at the end of
>    each line:
>    If that doesn't work, try 
>  3.Delete SKA.EXE and SKA.DLL by typing
>    If you get "File not found" you're either not infected or in the
> wrong directory. Make sure you're in your Windows System directory; check
> to see if you followed step 2 exactly.
>  4.Copy WSOCK32.SKA to WSOCK32.DLL by typing
>    Answer "Yes" if it asks if you want to overwrite WSOCK32.DLL.
>    Explanation: WSOCK32.SKA is a backup of the original
>    WSOCK32.DLL. You are replacing the modified DLL with the
>    original. If you get a "Sharing violation" make sure you followed
> step 1.
>  5.Optional Delete WSOCK32.SKA by typing
>    You can leave WSOCK32.SKA on your system. It is a copy of your 
> original WSOCK32.DLL Do not delete WSOCK32.SKA if you are  unable to
> replace WSOCK32.DLL with WSOCK32.SKA.
>  6.Return to Windows by typing
>    EXIT
>  7.Optional Click Start, then Run, then type regedit in the text box,
>    then click OK. Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then Software, then 
> Microsoft, then Windows, then CurrentVersion. Under RunOnce  check for
> SKA.EXE and select it if it is there. Press delete and then  click Yes.
> Close Regedit. Don't change anything else without making  a backup of the
> registry first. If you don't find SKA.EXE in the  registry, it doesn't
> mean you're not infected. SKA.EXE is only added    to the registry if
> HAPPY99.EXE is unable to modify WSOCK32.DLL    when you run it. Also,
> you'll only find it in the registry if you haven't    rebooted since you
> ran HAPPY99.EXE.
> ...Optional:  Choose Start, Programs, Accessories, Notepad, choose File, 

> then Open then type C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\LISTE.SKA in the File    Name box.
> Warn the people on the list, then delete LISTE.SKA. Make    it clear to
> the people you warn that they won't be infected unless    they ran
> happy99.exe, to avoid alarming them unnecessarily. If you    haven't sent
> out any infected e-mails, there won't be a LISTE.SK A. 
>  9.Optional Delete the HAPPY99.EXE file. The location of
>    HAPPY99.EXE will vary depending on where you saved it. You can   
> delete it simply by dragging it to the Recycle Bin from within
>    Windows or whatever method you prefer. You may still have some
>    messages with HAPPY99.EXE attached in your mailbox. These
>    cannot do anything unless you run them. You can delete them if you   
> want to or just ignore them.
> 10.Optional If you aren't sure whether WSOCK32.DLL is infected,
>    choose Start, then Find, then "Files or Folders". Then type
>    WSOCK32.DLL in the "Named" box. In the "Look in" box choose drive   
> C: or whatever drive you have Windows on. In the "Containing Text"    box
> type "ska.dll" without the quotes. Then click "Find Now". If you    don't
> find any files, that means that wsock32.dll isn't the modified   
> version. If you don't have the modified WSOCK32.DLL, the virus has    no
> way to attach to e-mails, even if you have SKA.EXE, SKA.DLL    and
> WSOCK32.SKA in the Windows System folder. If you have    SKA.EXE in the
> RunOnce registry section, and you haven't deleted    SKA.EXE, then the
> virus will try to modify WSOCK32.DLL the next    time you restart the
> computer.
> ... If you're having trouble with the removal, make
> sure you're following the steps exactly. Make sure you type the
> instructions exactly including spaces and punctuation. You might  ant to
> print out the removal instructions so you have something to refer to. If
> you're having trouble with the DOS commands, get a local person to help
> you with them.
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