Fw: Illinois State Legislature has introduced a bill that willremove the eastern massasauga from ESA

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Mon Mar 8 10:24:58 EST 1999

> From: Allen Salzberg <x5245 at erols.com>
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> Subject: Illinois State Legislature has introduced a bill that willremove
the eastern massasauga from ESA
> Date: Monday, March 08, 1999 10:17 AM
> Gary Casper <gsc at mpm.edu>
> Subject: Urgent situation, Illinois de-listing endangered species
> Please re-distribute appropriately.
> Members of the Illinois State Legislature have introduced a bill that
> remove the eastern massasauga, brook lamprey, and Indiana crayfish from
> list of IL threatened and endangered species. Sponsors are Kurt Granberg
> and Larry Woolard, who reportedly claim that these three species are
> "getting in the way" of development in their districts. The bill
> made it out of committee Wednesday by a large majority. The date for
> debate is unknown at this time.
> The IL DNR has distributed a position paper on this bill, coming out
> strongly against it. 
> The precedent this bill would set, if successful, has implications for
> rare species. If non-biologists are allowed to draft bills removing
> protected status for species without any supportive data showing
> simply in order to avoid compliance with endangered species laws, then
> endangered species laws become non-functional and useless.
> Letters are urgently needed. Letters can be written to any of the State
> Reps in Illinois, and letters from Illinois citizens will have the
> impact. Others are certainly encouraged to write. The bill is HB 2243.
> Illinois legislator addresses and phone numbers are available at:
> http://www.state.il.us/legis/default.htm
> The bill has not gone to the senate yet, so letters should be sent to
> representatives, not senators, at this time.

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