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8 March 1999

Dear Colleague


We are looking for a Marine Scientist to join a survey of the Wakatobi
Marine National Park in South East Sulawesi for a 6 month contract and I
am writing to see if you know of anyone who might be interested in this
post. Operation Wallacea is a not-for-profit project in South East
Sulawesi where paying volunteers have joined biologists to help complete
species surveys of a newly created Marine National Park.  A list of the
project's achievements is enclosed which includes winning the Best
Conservation Project in South East Asia Award in 1998 from ASEANTA.
Further details of the projects that are being carried out by Operation
Wallacea can be found at our website at

We are looking for a qualified marine scientist with experience in Indo
Pacific reefs to direct the marine science programme for 1999.  The
objectives of the programme are:

=B7 to complete an interim review of the Opisthobranch fauna of the Wakatob=
Marine National Park.  A year's worth of data has already been collected
from the area and 170 species recorded.  An outline for a paper which it
is proposed to produce by April 2000 on the Opisthobranch fauna is

=B7 to complete surveys of the Chaetodontid species around the National

=B7 to compete surveys of the anemone fish and their host species around th=
National Park.

=B7 to continue compiling species lists and photographs for species in
various groups (eg sponges, tunicates, other fish groups).

Groups of volunteers (mostly final year undergraduates or MSc students)
will join the project over the contract period and will need to be trained
to identify the particular target groups (eg 2 or 3 Opisthobranch
families)  being studied at the time of their visit.  The marine scientist
will have to run a training programme and test the volunteers and once
they are competent enable them to participate in distributional, abundance
and other surveys for the study group.  At the end of each week the target
group being studied will change to a new group (eg butterflyfish) so that
volunteers at the marine base will help survey a range of different
organisms during their stay.  Surveys will be conducted partly by diving
and partly by snorkelling and during July and August a dive ship (sleeps
15) will be available to take groups of volunteers on expeditions to more
remote parts of the archipelago.

The Marine Scientist will be based on Hoga island in the Wakatobi Marine
National Park and will have the support of two Assistant Scientists during
the busy part of the season (June - September).  The diving safety will be
looked after by Dive Instructors and the operation of the expedition base,
maintenance of equipment, management of local staff, etc will be carried
out by the Expedition Manager.  At busy times of year there will also be a
photographer on site to record the species being studied and organise
photographic development.

The duties of the Marine Scientist would be:

=B7 To agree the work programme for the 1999 marine species survey on Hoga
with the Operation Wallacea Project Director before commencement of the

=B7 To organise and direct the marine species surveys in Indonesia for
Operation Wallacea

=B7 To train new volunteer divers in how to identify the target groups for
study and provide assistance to them with the survey work.

=B7 To give background lectures on Indo Pacific coral reef eco-systems and
their conservation to volunteer groups.

=B7 To ensure that species data are recorded accurately by organising
quality control checks on the volunteer-gathered data.

=B7 To liaise with students preparing research papers on the Opisthobranch,
Chaeotodontid and Serranid fauna of the Wakatobi for later publication.

=B7 To carry out such other duties on Operation Wallacea as may be required
from time to time to ensure the efficient operation of the project.

If you do know of anyone who might be interested I would be grateful if
you would get them to complete the enclosed questionnaire and return it to
me (e-mail:  tcoles at by 24 March 1999.

Thanks for your help.

Dr Tim Coles
Project Director

Application for Marine Scientist contract with Operation Wallacea May -
October 1999 to be based in the Wakatobi Marine National Park, Sulawesi

Please complete the following questions using as much space as you require
and return to <tcoles at> by 24 March 1999.






Academic qualifications and Universities attended:

Relevant posts held and current job/contract:

Relevant publications:

What experience do you have in studying Opisthobranchs?:

What experience do you have in studying Chaetodontids?:

What experience do you have in studying anemone fish?:

Describe any relevant experience in the identification of other coral reef
groups of organisms:

Describe any relevant experience you have in training groups of University

Describe any lecturing experience you have:

Dive qualifications:

Number of dives:

Do you have any health problems that would affect diving or other medical

Do you have any special food requirements?:

Describe any experience you have in underwater photography and/or photo

Describe any relevant expedition experience you have:

What languages do you speak (indicate level of competence)?:

Please note we are looking for an experienced marine biologist with good
presentational skills.  The post will be remunerated depending on the level
of experience of the successful candidate.  Please indicate the level of
remuneration you would expect to undertake this contract.

Please supply the name and contact details for two referees.

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