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To All Coral People 

Let me introduce myself. Nowadays I`m studying biology at the National
University of Mexico with a major in marine biology. I`m performing a
bachelor dissertation on Acropora palmata recruitment and partial
mortality rates at the Veracruz Reef System (VRS), Gulf of Mexico. This
species is very important because it is a major reef-building  species
that grows fast at windward reef slope. I would like to  know, the actual
condition of the VRS, specially at Isla Verde reef, 9 km. off the
Veracruzs Port, considering the status of the A. palmata population. It is
well known that some 20 or 25 years ago its abundance was high, but not at

Recruitment will be measured as the number of colonies (<2 cm) per area
unit, using 25x25 xm sampling quadrats. Partial mortality will be
considered as the proportion of the population affected by some degree of
tissue necrosis. Coral density will be measured by line transects, an on
each colony that interceps the line the percentage of tissue necrosis will
be estimated.

With this data I will determine if  population is in the process of
recovering  or if it continues environmentally threatened. My hipothesis
is that if the population is healthy the recruitment index will be high
and partial mortality  low. 

As Isla Verde is a platform-type reef, with a well developed slope in all
directions, the sampling design include 4 sampling stations at NW, NE, SW
and SE  reefs slopes at 1-7 m depth (the depth of higher bottom abundance
and coverage of A. palmata). 

I would appreciate any suggestion on this issue.

What`s  your opinion about this?

Does the hypothesis will work?

Any comments on the methodology?

Thanks in advance for your kindly answer. Please reply directly to me

 Xochitl Coromoto Gonzalez Arteaga
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
epcoria at 

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