non-indigenous species in reef systems

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For the most part, I think you are right.  Most reef systems have not been 
invaded by exotics in the normal sense of the word.  Of course, the bug that 
wiped out Diadema was most probably an exotic pathogen, with much evidence 
pointing to transmission by ships.  However, we are accustomed to this mode 
of disease transmission.

There are some exceptions in Hawaii, though.  I just retruned from there and 
an exotic macroalga is becoming  a major problem in Kaneohe Bay.  I think 
that reef systems have just been lucky so far.


Date: 3/8/99 09:18
To: Mark Eakin
From: Taylor, Phillip R

Looking for some quick responses to a simple query.  Please respond directly
to me.  

My own sense as a coral reef ecologist is that the issue of environmental
perturbations due to non-indigenous, or "invasive" species is not in the
front line of environmental problems in reef systems.

Is there any evidence that this impression is way off base.

Thanks for any input,

Phil Taylor

Phillip R. Taylor, Director
Biological Oceanography Program
Division of Ocean Sciences
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