New Coral Calendar of Events

NOAA's CHAMP jch at
Tue Mar 16 15:27:53 EST 1999


	For the time being, we have set up a calendar of coral-related
events for those who are interested in attending or keeping abreast of
them.  This should be considered a temporary calendar, but it will do for
now.  I say temporary because we are using Yahoo, Inc.'s Calendar system,
but we hope to replace it with a NOAA sponsored one in the future.  The
Yahoo Calendar has commercial advertisements at the top which is after all
understandable since they offer this service for free.  Note that you can
view the events list by Day, Week, Month, or Year.  If you click on a
specific event, you will get more information about it, generally an email
contact or a Web address.

	You will note that there are only two events on it so far!  One is
for April 14, 1999 (the National Coral Reef Institute), and one for
October 7, 2000 (the 9th International Coral Reef Symposium).  If you have
any events that you think are of global, national or regional interest
(e.g., U.S. Coral Reef Task Force, Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network,
etc.) that are suitable for this calendar, please send a message to
jch at  It would be helpful if you put CALENDAR EVENT in
the subject heading.

	I know what you may be thinking--you might be on the other side of
the globe and the International Date Line, so the dates and times might be
different.  Therefore, I have set it up so that it is for the LOCAL day
and time.

	The URL for the coral_list (note that I had to use the
underscore because a dash wouldn't work) calendar is,

	I hope this helps you get organized!


	Jim Hendee
	coral-list administrator

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