New Coral Calendar of Events

NOAA's CHAMP jch at
Tue Mar 16 20:32:39 EST 1999

Regarding the calendar, I forgot to mention that if you want to post a
meeting or calendar event, please send it in this format:

Date and Time (local)
Title of Event
Short Description

Email contact (if available)
Web Page info

This way I can more easily cut-and-paste into the calendar.

Fictitious Example:

30 Mar 99, start 10:00am
International Coral Berserko
Soc. of International Coral Afficiondos meet to figure
  it all out.

Email:  contact at


> Greetings!
> 	For the time being, we have set up a calendar of coral-related
> events for those who are interested in attending or keeping abreast of
> them.  This should be considered a temporary calendar, but it will do for
> now.  I say temporary because we are using Yahoo, Inc.'s Calendar system,
> but we hope to replace it with a NOAA sponsored one in the future.  The
> Yahoo Calendar has commercial advertisements at the top which is after all
> understandable since they offer this service for free.  Note that you can
> view the events list by Day, Week, Month, or Year.  If you click on a
> specific event, you will get more information about it, generally an email
> contact or a Web address.
> 	You will note that there are only two events on it so far!  One is
> for April 14, 1999 (the National Coral Reef Institute), and one for
> October 7, 2000 (the 9th International Coral Reef Symposium).  If you have
> any events that you think are of global, national or regional interest
> (e.g., U.S. Coral Reef Task Force, Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network,
> etc.) that are suitable for this calendar, please send a message to
> jch at  It would be helpful if you put CALENDAR EVENT in
> the subject heading.
> 	I know what you may be thinking--you might be on the other side of
> the globe and the International Date Line, so the dates and times might be
> different.  Therefore, I have set it up so that it is for the LOCAL day
> and time.
> 	The URL for the coral_list (note that I had to use the
> underscore because a dash wouldn't work) calendar is,
> 	I hope this helps you get organized!
> 	Cheers,
> 	Jim Hendee
> 	coral-list administrator

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