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J. Charles Delbeek delbeek at
Wed Mar 17 11:38:20 EST 1999

Perhaps I'm missing something here, but exactly what does creating
artifical reefs in areas affected by pollution and global warming
accomplish that the original reef substratum cannot? And if the areas are
indeed impacted why would creating these structures help if conditions for
coral growth/settlement are still not ideal?

I also do not put much stock in the accuracy and validity of newspaper
articles, no matter who is quoted. I think we have all been down the media
road often enough to be wary of anything such agencies produce.

For example the idea that corals increase the alkalinity of the water
around them and that giving them more alkaline water allows them the
opportunity to no longer do that ... seems rather .... far fetched??
Perhaps someone could explain the mechanisms behind this or point to a
reference that describes this alleged phenomena?

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