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David Excoffier excofier at
Thu Mar 18 17:18:40 EST 1999

Dear all, Dr. Delbeek,

The most interesting thing in this story, I think, is not that you can build a 
limestone base but that corals living between the two electrodes are growing 
much more faster...

A french hobbyist, Joffrey Dislair, is working on that topic since one year and 
a half. He has read the original story of the German architect, where the goal 
was to create an artificial island !. This seems to have not been successful, 
but in his team there was also a biologist (T. Goreau) who has discovered that 
the corals living there were growing faster.

Joffrey is experimenting this method in his aquarium, I'll not enter in the 
details here, he will do that much better than me, but here are some more 
With this method (partial electrolysis) he can have in his tank a very high 
calcium level(800 to 1000 mg/L), KH up to 20 and strontium level up to 25 mg/L. 
Some of his acropora sp are growing up to 50cm per year, this number will 
certainly increase when he will have a better lightning source.
Note also that he has encountered some problems in the skeleton structure of the 
corals making them brittle, Calcium level fluctuation, but nearly all his 
problems seems to be solved now.

If you are interested in Joffrey works, do not hesitate to contact me, I'll try 
to forward/translate, Joffrey is now working on a summary of all his work.


David Excoffier

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