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Wendy Jo slkyshrk at
Fri Mar 19 17:52:53 EST 1999

Dear Coral list,

This is only my second post here as I am not a scientist, but a 
diver interested in what's happening with coral around the world. I 
am also the Environmental News Director for the West Penn Scuba 
Divers Club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Part of my responsibility of 
this volunteer position is to help educate our divers about the plight 
of coral reef around the world, and I do this through a monthly 
newsletter to our divers and brief lectures and updates at regular 
monthly meetings. I have two requests, if I may:

1) I am always searching for internet sites to include in our 
newsletter as "Internet Site of the Month". If you have one that is 
coral, marine or somehow related to diving, and would like to be 
featured in our newsletter, please send me the URL and a brief 
description of your site.

2) If anyone out there knows somebody or is somebody in this area 
who is willing to do a one hour talk to our group, please let me 
know. I realize we have no oceans in Pittsburgh, PA, but we have a 
lot of enthusiastic divers who dive around the world. The West 
Penn SCUBA Club cannot pay anyone. The only real satisfaction 
you will get is a bunch of grateful (and better educated) divers, not 
to mention extremely grateful club officers. Ok, we'll buy you a beer 
or two. :-) The club meets every first Thursday of each month. My 
address, email and phone are listed below. If you are from out of 
town, and happen to be "in the area" (of Pittsburgh!?) and can lend 
your expertise, we may very well build a statue in your honor. 

Wendy Shemansky

Wendy Jo Shemansky
311 Biddle Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
(412) 244-3318
Environmental News Director, Secretary
West Penn Scuba Divers
slkyshrk at

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